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About Me

My Story

Are you having trouble figuring life out and how to save money while learning?

            After years and years of trying to figure things out and getting frustrated with not finding the answers I was looking for, I have decided it was time to do something about it. In this website, I am hoping to not only learn the answers to the questions I am looking for but to also ask questions that will get someone thinking. My goal is someone will come across this website and will both get some answers to questions they had in their head and also learn from my experiences.

            The one thing I have noticed the most is when it comes to finances and budgeting and money in general it is all about two people coming together and working out a plan to pay off their debt and save money, but what about the single person? How can a single person take the same idea’s and do it on their own on a single income with no other partners helping them with an extra income or paying half the bills.    

            Instead of trying to find the answers on  the internet, or by reading books on two people getting out of debt and saving for their future, I am going to find out how to do that my own, I will have a bit of a little head start in that I have no debt, but living in a world with high inflation and everything going up in price, the question is how can a single person pay all their bills, while trying to figure out how to save for a five to ten acre price of land and quit the nine to five job. Those are the questions that I am going to find out and show you when I fail at something and when I have succeed also.

I am diving into finding the unanswered questions I have

I am just one person out here in the world of raising prices trying to figure out how to make it on one person income. You can always email under the lets talk button.