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We should all be Millionaires

By: Rachel Rodgers

            I have just recently finished reading, “We should all be Millionaires: A Women’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth and Gaining Economic Power” by Rachel Rodgers and wow can that woman motivate you! She does a great job explaining her background and not coming from a rich family from New York, but from a struggling family just trying to make ends meet and working 9-5 jobs for horrible bosses. She decides that she wants to be a millionaire at a young age but just didn’t know the words at the time when she decided this. Rachel went on to putting herself through not only college but also law school. Knowing that she would have to pay for it and having little money to live on. Rachel has to figure out how to get it done, learning very early in college having to choose between going out to dinner with a group of friends or paying her rent from the month. Rachel has to learn the hard way a couple of times at which motivates her to want to strive for more.

            What is great about this book is that Rachel gives a lot of her life story to show you how she wanted more out of life and how she went about doing it. She gets your rallied up to want to make more money and do more for yourself.

            One of the things that Rachel experience while starting her own business was, she had finished up a job for a client and was waiting months for the money to be mailed to her. She had an opportunity to get her daughter into a great day care and needed the money to pay for it so that she could take on more clients and make more money.  Have gotten the check and gone to the bank to deposit it, Rachel soon found out there was going to be a two week hold on the check with the bank. She pleaded with the bank teller to lift the check hold and when the bank teller would she was informed she could talk to the bank manager. After the bank manager listens to her story, nodding along, he goes over to look at her account and deciding if that corporate check would bounce. As she waited fighting back her tears something inside her shifted and she decided right then and there never again will she all her financial situation get in the way of her family or put her family needs at risk again.

            Rachel was able to get her check release and was able to get over to the new day care and get a deposit down for her daughter daycare. As she sat in her car sobbing over the situation, she knew she had the power to change her situation and so she went home that day and started working on it. In that same year she took her business from a $60,000 to $300,000 all by focusing on building her wealth. Her point being to never let you fate be in the hands of someone else. 

            Rachel goes on to explain that while working on her company and making it grow, she is living in this small two bedroom house with her husband, 3 kids at the time and using the hallway as her office. Giving the kids the master bedroom, so they could all fit in this tiny house. She would go on walks In her neighborhood and one day she saw a house being built in, she would walk by and wait for it to be finish. Finally one day it was done and she went home to see how much the house would cost. Thinking it was in her price range she was shocked they were asking 2.5 million dollars for the house. She then went on to do the math as to how much it would cost a month for the mortgage and she was shocked!! But that got her thinking what else did she want for her and her family. So, she started to make a list writing down every possible thing that she and her family could want, a bigger house, 2 expensive cars, private schools for her kids, so on and so on. Once she wrote it all down and added it all up it came out to $25, 000 a month that she would need to make to pay for everything that she wanted. Rachel went out to making that happen.

            This got me thinking what do I want and how much is it going to cost me a month? I own by home and cars and the only real expensive I have is daily life bills. But with the way everything is increasing monthly it seems like. The bigger question lately is how much would I need to make a month to pay all my bills and save for that dream piece of land.  As of this date, if I made $3,000 a month, that would pay all my bills and then add a little to savings to help for a down payment on a piece of land. That seems like a lot or maybe not, but that would mean I would need to make at least $100 a day for 30 days to make that end goal. So here I am trying to figure this out, I have a full-time job that will pay a bulk of that money but what if I wanted to do it on my own and how will I do it.

As in the first blog, I have turned to online sales, I have taken the last 2 years to learn on how to sell online and have really taken to this year listing and selling more. I have increased my sales and have been able to take the money that I have made turned it back around and added more inventory, but the problem is my profit isn’t that big. So in August 2022, I had made a deal with my good friend to make the last 5 months of this year the change that we need to get things done.

Having both making our own goals for the month of August one of mine was to list at least 5 times a week. In the first week, I saw an Instagram post from another online reseller that made an August challenge to list at least 1 item a day for the whole month of August, loving that idea I have also taken to participate in that also. Having already sold 2 items at the beginning of the month, I am also hoping to increase my sold items in the month also. Because if I want to become a millionaire, I need to increase my income anyway that I can.

Rachel ends her book with a 10-day $10,000 dollar challenge, knowing I am nowhere near that number for one month my second goal for August is to save $500. I know this will be a big challenge for me, but if one does not make goals how will they get what they want.

So, I end this with the same challenge what do you want and how will you get there?