Slow progress is better then no progress

October 15, 2022

Wrriten by Berry Informative

As I sit across from my good friend Deb at our power of the minds dinner and checking in with one another about or process on fitness, dieting, family and life. She was telling me about when she goes to the gym, they have a white board sign and it has a quote a day, and depending on the quote she will stop and take a photo or walk on by. Well, this one she stopped and took a photo. The quote was, “Slow progress is better than no process, stay positive and don’t give up”.

           I think that is a great quote and is something to always remember in life, sometimes it might feel like things are just going so slow and the project that you may be working on let it be a house project, a project at work, weight loss, saving for that dream homestead. It might end up taking longer than you expected or wanted it to take. The thing to remember here is that even though it is taking longer to do, you ARE still doing it and it is STILL moving forward. I think I do forget this sometimes for example when trying to complete the 100-envelope money saving challenge and it became too hard for me to keep it up twice a week. I still made process with it and even thought I had to take a small break from it, there was a good 4 months straight before April that I was keeping up with it.

           Like many people, I have house projects that I want to do, when I first brought my house there was a storm that came in right before I was going to buy it and with no one living in it at the time. The power went out and the sump pump ended up not working and there was water in the basement. We went ahead with the buying of the house with the understanding that my dad and I could get in there early to rip up the carpet. I took my time to remove the dry wall and had left the back room for last as it didn’t have that much water damage in that room, and I did not use that room that often. Come to find out when I did make it into that room and started to rip the drywall out, I had termites!!! After calling the pest people getting it taking care of, I felt mad that it happens. Who knows when I got them, how long I had them ect, ect. The point is that I gave up on thar room for a while and as a result had no progress in there. Now after a year of not wanting to go in there, I am back in there fixing it up, only if I can dedicate a few mins out of my day or a couple hours out of my weekend, and slowly the room is coming together and you can see process.

           So, the challenge I give to myself and to you is what can you do if it is only 15 mins out of the day to get something done? At first you might not see the process but over time you will have something that will make you feel better about yourself because you never gave up.