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How it started with one audiobook

As I am someone that is always looking at ways to cut back on something to save more money in hopes that one day I could own a piece of land and dream about not working the conventional 9-5 job or in my case the 6:30 -3:30 job.

How can we all be millionaires

This got me thinking what do I want and how much is it going to cost me a month? Having no debt and no real big expenses other than my daily life bills.

Slow Progress is better then no progress

I think that is a great quote and is something to always remember in life, sometimes it might feel like things are just going so slow and the project that you may be working on let it be a house project, a project at work, weight loss, saving for that dream homestead

Money Envelope Challenge Setback

The year is 2022 and having set to make this my year to save/make money, I started off the year with a money envelope challenge. The challenge is you label 100 white envelopes 1 to 100 and place in random order. Twice a week you pull out two envelopes and put whatever number is on that envelope money into it. The challenge is once every envelope is full which should take until the end of the year you will have saved around $5,000 dollars.

Where one can get lost

My post

This is where I am going to write about how I am trying to save money on a single person income.

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